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Pawnbrokers Helping Pawnbrokers (PhP) is more than another Facebook group. PhP has evolved into a community of over 2,000 pawn industry professionals with a common goal to provide a professional, respectable atmosphere where pawn industry advocates, specialists and advisors can come together with one agenda…. PROTECT, PROMOTE & SHARE ideas that enhance their businesses and the pawn industry. PhP mottos: Give more than you take from the group. No pawnbroker left behind! #PawnLife.

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" No pawnbroker left behind! "

What You’ll Get Is Up To You

We Need Your Feedback

As we begin to develop and create this Unique Messaging Channel (not Facebook, less noise and more business) for Pawnbrokers across America, we will need your feedback. Our goal is to bring expert appraisers, vendors, and advisors to you in live time. If Chumlee from Pawn Stars can call an Expert on the spot for advice shouldn't you? THIS WILL ONLY START TO HAPPEN WHEN WE HIT 100 SUBMISSIONS OF INTEREST. $100 donations will receive a "No Pawnbroker Left behind !" Limited edition T-shirt. Angel investor opportunities, contact Vito Wise.

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Once We Hit 100

When we hit 100 interested Pawn Brokers, we will launch the channel

The Channel is Launched

This is not another Facebook Group. It is a unique channel/app.

Are You an Expert?

Expert appraisers will be offered a monthly commission for doing their part in the community, helping authenticate items with no end goal, other than authenticating.

Are you a buyer or wholesale buyer? Reach out to us in order to learn more about getting access to the buying channel.

Could You Use An Entire Team

Of Expert Advisors On Call

For Your Pawn Shop ?

~ Pawnbrokers Ask The Questions ~

Our expert advisors will provide the

answers in real time!

Increase your Bottom Line by being able to Authentic and Value Items out of your expertise.

Have you ever passed on a deal because you just couldn't tell if the item was real?

There have been many times I felt like I either left money on the table or even lost the deal because I just could not determine the authenticity and the or value of the item. I can't tell you how many times my customers have said " Why don't you just call your Expert to come in like on TV." I wished in those cases I had a team of EXPERTS ON CALL like Rick & Chumlee do on Pawn Stars.

*Technology has reached the point today where that wish can be granted.

No pawnbroker left behind when you are a part of the Pawn Advisors / PHP community.

For over a decade, Pawn Stars has appeared on The History Channel, chronicling the best and worst things brought into Las Vegas’ Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. The owners can't know everything about rare and unusual items so they often call in Experts in their fields with real knowledge saving them thousands of dollars identifying fakes and counterfeits. Having access to call an expert can not only identify and item but also help determine a value for the pawnbroker to be able to make an offer to buy or loan.

Let’s Improve Your Income with access to the Experts!